Voyageurs du Monde

YEAR: 2017

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CONCEPT: Rethink the experience and the user interface of travel and tourism websites by studying the case of the travel agency « Voyageurs du monde ».

Voyageurs du monde 1


Direcly inspired by the earth globes and their utilisation in our childhood, to choose a travel destination or discover new places, this interface invits the user to choose instinctively and visually by choosing as a first step a continent and a country.

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Voyageurs du monde 2

Voyageurs du monde 3


Level :
Red thread of the user experience, the level system going from Tourist to Globetrotter, allow for a total immersion in the "Voyageur du monde" experience, an "aventurer" status is assigned and evolve according to the kilometers travelled with the agency. Every grades gives access exclusive content going from commercial offer to editorial content.

Social :
Essential function in order to unify a real community, the chatting tool allow for direct communication with counselors and experts, finding travellers with common interests, or just sharing your experience and advices.

Voyageurs du monde 4

Voyageurs du monde 5