William Truong is a Disruption Designer basd in Paris

A disruption designer uses creativity as a driving force to develop and support teams in the transformation of industry and institutions with a pluridisciplinary approach both technical and creative of problems.

In this uncertain future, our capacity to adapt using lateral thinking will allow us to learn and understand the new environmental, social and technological issues to come for a more useful and less superficial innovation.

Creating more relevant than misleading contents will allow us to get out of this information obesity race leading to an immaterial and physical overconsumption, to focus on more meaningful, immersive and living beings centric rather than product centric experiences.

It is with a frugal vision of creation taking into account design, technology, environment and society that it is necessary to change the way we communicate and it's impact by questionning our individual and collective role as part of a society looking for a reason to exist and to act in order to achieve an ecological before technological innovation culture.



  • Graphic design
  • Editorial design
  • Webdesign
  • UX/UI Design
  • Motion Design


  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Jquery
  • Wordpress
  • Animate


  • Design thinking
  • Experience design
  • Digital eco-design
  • Futurology
  • Innovation management