FORMAT: Design
YEAR: 2014
BRIEF: Diploma project.


CONCEPT: A teaching and transmedia experience that aims to offer to students a new way of learning. This teaching method is based on the practical part of the learning by immersing students in a lesson by using different medias.

Meta-practice 1

Meta-practice 2
Meta-practice 3

Meta-practice 4

The cube

Starting point of the experience, every parts of the lesson are assembled by adding a third dimension to it in order to make a 3D objects rather than a flat tale.

Once unfolded the cube becomes a labyrinth with multiple entry points, and where each "exits" match a part of the lesson. The exercices gives to the student the possibility to assimilate the class, thus organizing it's teaching according to his desires.

Meta-practice 5
Meta-practice 6

The app

Smartphones and tablets allows for the use of multimedia content and the possibility to share with a community his answers and opinions about a subject. The role of these devices is to act like checkers for the exercices using a QR code associated to each answers, when flashed display a result.

In case of good answers a score is attributed according to the numbers of attempts. The results screen also gives the possibility to access to a summary in case of a good answer or a clue in case of a wrong answer.

Meta-practice 6
Meta-practice 7
Meta-practice 8

Meta-practice 9

The website

In order to support the project beyond it's first use,
www.mé offer the possibility to download, print, submit new lessons, but also to introduce the project and share it to expand the community.

Discover the website: